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Senior Living in the Capital Region, New York

Prestwick Chase’s Blog – Senior Independent Living

Check back regularly for news and events in the Capital Region and Saratoga Springs, NY for active independents 55+.

Kites Aloft Over Prestwick Chase

Kites were aloft at Prestwick Chase this week.  Some of our residents expressed that when they were young kids they loved flying Kites. When we all think back to those days, there was just something so much fun on a breezy day to send a Kite way up high and watch it and control it. Our Activities Coordinator noticed that today was a very breezy day and thought LETS DO IT!! Now you have heard people say with a bit of a tone in jest or even in anger,..”Hey Go fly a Kite!!” Well at Prestwick Chase, we went flying for pure joy of it. The nice thing about the property is we are surrounded by large open grassy knolls and this makes for the perfect set up for such an activity.

Our residents desires, dreams and ideas mean so much to us. They are not just a community, they are family. We strive to try to make all that may seem impossible, the possible. Today that was helping some residents enjoy a fond memory activity that simply brings out the kid in us all. Thank you to the staff, residents and mother nature for providing the wind! Enjoy the photos.

kite flying

Kites aloft over Prestwick.


Residents of Prestwick gathered for a “Burning of the Socks” get together. This funny tradition has spread from coast to coast in the United States. The history of why and how this event started is listed below. Our community has now joined in this fun filled symbolic event.

A Brief History of the Burning of the Socks

The annual sock burning began in the Spring of 1978, when, after a snowy winter, boatbuilder Bob Turner bid his oppressive sock-wearing days farewell for the summer by throwing them into a campfire. What was an act of defiance turned into tradition, and this weekend marinas and yacht clubs around the country will celebrate the return of Spring, Sperry topsiders, flip flops, and best of all: boating season. As Turner stated to Baltimore Magazine, he was amazed at what a lasting impression he’s had, stating, “It was never meant to be taken seriously. It just says, ‘Enough with the socks! Time to go sailing!'”

Fast-forward to 2018, where the sock-burning represents a time to clear out the yacht club cobwebs and embrace spring. On each coast we spotted events with everything from cookouts and bonfires to golf-cart parades, boatyard clean-ups, yard sales, and polar bear plunges.

To get close to where the Burning of the Socks began, head to the Annapolis Maritime Museum for live music, an oyster roast, and a recitation of the poem “Ode to Equinox,” written by the museum’s former executive director, Jeff Holland

Sock-Burning Etiquette
Feet, amirite? Whether you see them as fetish-worthy or foul, in a public arena certain basic guidelines keep things upbeat instead of uncouth. A few quick pro-tips to help you toe (heh) the line:

Prettying Up. Pedicures: They’re not just for dames! Some sock-burning events are attended by local press, so pamper your ten little lords or ladies before those high-res photos come back to haunt you in the daily paper.

Defining “Socks.” The term can be confusing, so to clear things up: under no circumstances should you attempt to burn stockings, panties, boxers, briefs, spanx, crocs, bras, belts, garters, suspenders, or thermal underwear. Nor should you attempt to cross the Burning of the Socks with a Viking Funeral; leave your ex’s belongings or correspondence at home so a bunch of barefoot sailors aren’t left bewildered as you cry into the stinky flames. Socks made of synthetic materials are frowned upon, so keep it to cotton or wool and refrain from fleece or other tech materials.

The Ceremony. As you remove your socks, you may be invited to address the crowd, which after several ciders should be no problem. This address should not include deeply personal revelations about yourself or others, your terrible poetry, a garbage rendition of Wonderwall, or any attempt to climb or be thrown into the fire.

Remaining barefoot once you’ve burned your socks is frowned upon. Either sneak clean socks back on or put your shoes back on sock-less. Do not remove additional clothing.


Fun in the Sun was the theme of the day.  Residents of Prestwick were treated to a surprise invitation to join the staff on the patio for food and music entertainment.  With signs that the long winter was over, staff hosted a Pork Pulled Sandwich cook out.  The Chefs of our 4 Star Kitchen slow cooked Pork Butts over a 24 hour period in advance of the party.  The community was invited to come on down for mouth water Pork Pulled Sandwiches on Kaiser Rolls, fresh slaw, ice tea and live music entertainment.  As you can see in the photos below they had fun in the sun.  Some residents even decided to do a little entertainment of their own and start a line of leg kicking style rockets.  Thank you to the Staff, Chefs and Resident Community that came out to enjoy great complimentary food and entertainment.  We could not have asked for a nicer day with temperatures in low 60’s, not a cloud in the sky and not a sign of winter left.  It truly was fun in the sun!


Pork Pulled Sandwich Party



Residents of Prestwick Chase took a tour of River Maple Farms in Glenville New York. The group learned about the process of making maple products. It truly is amazing to see what all goes into making a bottle of maple syrup!


Maple sap comes from maple trees and is mostly water (1-2% sugar). Each spring when the temperatures creep above freezing during the day, and dip back down below freezing at night that sap is harvested and then concentrated to become maple syrup. Traditionally this process, known a sugaring, would have included boiling the sap to reduce the water to sugar ratio to 66.9%. Today, modern production uses tubing, vacuum, reverse osmosis and high efficiency evaporators to turn sap in to syrup. It’s an interesting and delicious process!(info source: (


Prestwick Chase was voted, Best Senior Living Community for a seventh year in a row.  We strive to provide a place where it is all about community.  We view our residents as family and in their golden years we want life to be trouble free.  We appreciate the recognition of this award.  The staff would be the first ones to tell you that we do not feel that we are at a work place, we feel we are surrounded by family all day long.  It is a privilege to serve our community.  We look forward to the expansion of Prestwick and many new future residents to join our family.  Thank you to all those who voted for us.

Prestwick Chase

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