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Senior Living in the Capital Region, New York

Prestwick Chase’s Blog – Senior Independent Living

Check back regularly for news and events in the Capital Region and Saratoga Springs, NY for active independents 55+.

Bees of Prestwick Chase

Bees of Prestwick Chase

For the first time this year and since their relocation to Prestwick Chase, the bees have produced honey for collection. Gallons of raw spring flow honey was removed from our hives. We also removed the honey comb wax during this process. Not only did our residents get to sample the sweet honey with home made biscuits but they also met in the art room to make lotion bars out of the bees wax. It was much fun for everyone and exciting to see what our hives can produce.

Honey Harvested 2017

Spring Flow Honey 2017

Lotion Bars

Bees of Prestwick Lotion Bars

NRA Skeet Shoot Contest

Prestwick Chase had local NRA Chapter Gun Club come out to our location and set up an event for our residents. The residents were able to enjoy a video projection simulation in which they used a replica rifle/shotgun to shoot targets with laser beams on a screen that depicted different nature landscapes.
The technology offers people a chance to do skeet shoot or simulated duck hunts. The nice part about this technology is no animals are actually hurt, no real rounds are fired, yet participants get the feel of what it would be like to shoot at skeet targets or simulated species of fowl.
In the contest 13 residents competed to see who was the best shot. With both men and women competing together it was much fun to see how accurate they would be. The top winners were Ed Peticolas, and runner up Bob Wemett. Both won gift certificates for dining at local restaurants in the area.
The volunteers from the NRA/Gun Club were great and also helped provide gun safety education, proper shooting stances, and assisted the residents with their practice shoots. Thank you to all the staff and residents for joining in this unique event. We look forward to another possible contest in the Fall.

NRA Skeet Shoot

Residents in Skeet Shoot Contest


Prestwick Chase Wins!!

Prestwick Chase Wins and was voted the “Best 55 + Community” for the region. We would like to say thank you very much to all those who voted for us. We are very humbled by the award. It is very gratifying to know that the public believes and sees that we truly are an independent living community who’s focus is on seniors living an active life style.

Our Management Team & Staff stride to provide friendly service, safe/secure environment, but most of all a spirit to serve our residents. Our family run business understands that the concept “build it and they will come”, is not always a true model for success. What keeps people deciding to locate to Prestwick Chase for the best season of their life is that we are more then just a location, a building, or the dot on the map. We care about our resident community and view them as exactly the same as their children do, which is,…..FAMILY.

We look forward to the future of Prestwick Chase as the #1 Independent Senior Living Community in the Capitol District. Unlike our competition, we do not lock the doors at 4pm and call it a day leaving Mom and Dad to fend for themselves. Our 24 hour security/staffing means you also have the peace of mind that your loved ones are cared for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please feel free to contact us and schedule a tour of the property with Kellie Postlethwaite or John Rowe, managers of our Sales & Marketing Team.

Again a special…. THANK YOU!! For all of you taking the time out of your busy daily life to recognize our efforts and our spirit to serve our community.

Prestwick Chase receives Honor

Prestwick Chase Awarded

Kentucky Derby at Prestwick

Well the running of the Derby has gone by and the winner was….Residents at Prestwick Chase!! Always dreaming was the horse who officially won but our residents were a close second as they enjoyed our Derby Party. We had Kentucky Derby Fried Chicken, Traditional Kentucky Burgoo (Stew) with lamb, beef, veal, chicken, pork and vegetables, Shrimp Cocktails, and Derby Pie for our special of the evening. Was a nice time and we had some residents who took to the tradition of dressing to the nines for the Derby when coming down to the party. And of course one of our drinks from the bar to mark the festivities was a Mint Julep, as a special. Thank you to the staff and residents for a fantastic party. The fresh roses everywhere was an elegant touch. Always Dreaming did win the derby, but we are very certain our residents will be “Always Dreaming”, for what we will do for next years running of the Kentucky Derby. One thing will be certain, bet on Prestwick Chase to be the “WIN”, the High Rock Bar and Lounge will be the “PLACE”, and when it is said and done our party on FaceBook page will be the “SHOW”!

Derby Party Prestwick

Residents at the High Rock Bar

Kentucky Derby Party

Prestwick Chase

Clay Concepts Pottery Studio

Clay Concepts Pottery Studio hosted residents of Prestwick for a pottery class.  The studio is in Glens Falls, which is only 20 minutes from Prestwick Chase.  The “Try It” class helps people get first hand experience at a pottery wheel.  The residents learned on the wheel how to spin cups and bowls.  There was much laughter to be had as the process involves a person willing to get a bit dirty from the wheel spinning rapidly.  The creations made can be glazed, making the bowls safe to eat from.  The one on one attention makes for a wonderful teaching environment for all ages interested in the process.  Clay Concepts Pottery Studio, does not just make clay objects, they make memories.  Prestwick Chase was happy to offer this program for the community.  We are certain more classes will be offered.  At Prestwick Chase it is all about listening to what our independent residents love doing.  We design activities around their requests and not what we think would be interesting.  This creates a truly living, breathing community of people enjoying their lives to the fullest and not simply sitting watching T.V.  Our Resident Council plays a big part in sharing the interests of the residents hobbies with the management.  At Prestwick Chase, it is all about a community that is family!

Clay Concepts

Pottery Class

Pottery Designs

Pottery Creations

Clay Concepts

Clay Creations

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