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Senior Living in the Capital Region, New York

Prestwick Chase’s Blog – Senior Independent Living

Check back regularly for news and events in the Capital Region and Saratoga Springs, NY for active independents 55+.

The HoneyBees of Prestwick

The honeybees of Prestwick Chase are flourishing.  The Management Staff went out to harvest honey from the hives and check on their bee population.  This wonderful activity draws much attention from the residents.  One of the hives being checked sits near a hallway where residents can gather and watch from only feet away.  It is a great educational program for everyone involved.  The honey sampled was fantastic.  As you can see in the photos below the top level tray was covered with this sweet delight.  The bees on average fly as far as up to two miles away on their hunt for food.  This means that some of the bees you see in downtown Saratoga Springs on the flowers, literally could be from one of our three hives.  As we approach the fall season honey will be harvested again before our small friends prepare for their long winter huddle.  Stay Tuned!!


July 4th Show

We had a wonderful July 4th Show.  Residents came out in the evening for live music, patriotic red, white and blue ice cream, and a night sky of color. Was the perfect weather for our evening celebration. We enjoyed seeing all the families, friends and grand children who gathered for Independence Day with us at Prestwick Chase.


Residents gathered for an outdoor picnic to celebrate the first day of summer. There was food, live music, games and a dunk tank! The Chairmen of the Resident Council volunteered to climb in the tank and give fellow residents a chance to send him into the water. There was much laughter as people lined up trying to strike the plate with a ball to drop him in the tank. He finally was dropped into the tank after several tries. A couple of Prestwick Chase staff members also climbed up the ladder to allow people to try to put them into the drink as well.

The day was perfect, wonderful temperatures and slightly over casted with cloud cover. As you can see from the pictures below everyone had a great time. We even had some female residents joking asking who was the man with nice legs in the dunk tank! Ha, Ha, Ha.

Thank you to all the residents and staff for kicking off summer 2018 with a fun filled day outside. The live music was great as well and always is a joy to have at our celebrations for the community.



Residents of Prestwick sported their patriotic colors for the Saratoga Springs Flag Day Parade over the weekend. Golf Carts were decorated and residents & staff marched in the parade. American flag lollipops were handed out to the crowd. It Was fantastic weather and by the smiles you see it was an absolute great time. We love this event so much and appreciate how dedicated our residence are to showing how important that beautiful flag is to them. Some of our residence are veterans and the crowd cheered them as they passed by. A special Thank You to Belinda our Activities Director, her family members and our residents who helped with the event. We made old glory proud!


Kites Aloft Over Prestwick Chase

Kites were aloft at Prestwick Chase this week.  Some of our residents expressed that when they were young kids they loved flying Kites. When we all think back to those days, there was just something so much fun on a breezy day to send a Kite way up high and watch it and control it. Our Activities Coordinator noticed that today was a very breezy day and thought LETS DO IT!! Now you have heard people say with a bit of a tone in jest or even in anger,..”Hey Go fly a Kite!!” Well at Prestwick Chase, we went flying for pure joy of it. The nice thing about the property is we are surrounded by large open grassy knolls and this makes for the perfect set up for such an activity.

Our residents desires, dreams and ideas mean so much to us. They are not just a community, they are family. We strive to try to make all that may seem impossible, the possible. Today that was helping some residents enjoy a fond memory activity that simply brings out the kid in us all. Thank you to the staff, residents and mother nature for providing the wind! Enjoy the photos.

kite flying

Kites aloft over Prestwick.

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