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Senior Living in the Capital Region, New York

Prestwick Chase’s Blog – Senior Independent Living

Check back regularly for news and events in the Capital Region and Saratoga Springs, NY for active independents 55+.

Student Human Development Class Interviews

Students conducted interviews to learn about generational differences and perspectives on paths people took in their lives and why. Education was a big topic.  Students asked residents what school was like in their time, did they like school, did they play sports and what was their favorite subject.

Another big topic was about residents career choices. How they decided on their career fields, how was fashion different in their time of work versus today and what were values that their parents taught them that they still use today in their lives.

The topic on parenting and social values was a wealth of information to be shared by the students and the residents. They discussed how life was different now from when they were growing up, did the residents think parenting styles have changed over the years and what did they believe is the biggest difference between their generation and the current ones.

Prestwick Chase would like to thank Warrensburg, Mayfield and Amsterdam High Schools for offering this wonderful educational program. The exchange of ideas and concepts across the generations gives the students first hand knowledge on how America, the workforce, and social values have changed over the decades. We look forward to future get togethers as the students and the residents had a wonderful time together.


Student Interviews

Prestwick Chase New Years 2018

Residents at Prestwick Chase turned out for the evening celebrations. They enjoyed dinner options of Beef Wellington, Duck A Lorange and Seafood Adriatica. Other wonderful fresh made goodies were Oysters Rockefeller, Shrimp Cocktail and Sauteed Fois Gras. After dinner residents had choices of Creme Brulee, Baked Alaska and Crepe Suzette.

The Community enjoyed live music, balloon artist who made simply incredible decorations for them to wear and a firework show that started at midnight to kick off the New Year. It was a wonderful party for both the residents and staff. Champagne flowed into the late hour, lobster roll and bacon wrapped shrimp Hors d ‘Oeuvres were served for the taking.

Thank you to all the residents and staff who helped make this celebration possible. It was so nice to see families along side the residents celebrating, dancing and watching the firework show put on by Prestwick Chase. From our family to yours we wish the very best and a Happy New Year!

Celebration 2018


Dinner in the Chefs Office is a wonderful dining experience with a more intimate culinary touch. Four residents are randomly selected and offered the opportunity to dine next to the Culinary Team of Chefs. This upscale private event allows for the residents to order off the menu the evening specials or request to sample the Chefs signature dishes.

This fine dining concept brings the resident up close to see the Culinary teams preparations of the selected cuisines. Prestwick Chase delights in the fact that we have our own 4 star Kitchen on premise. This translates into food being cooked, fresh to order by the community.

Here at Prestwick Chase dining is not just about feeding Mom & Dad. It is about providing quality over quantity. A food experience that the competition in the area can not offer.

We look forward to many residents taking advantage of this event and its location. Friendly service, fantastic food, and beautiful decor is a winning recipe. The only ingredient missing, your seat at the table, so please join us!

Chefs Dinner

Dinner in the Chefs Office

Culinary Experience

Empty Stocking Project

The Prestwick Chase Community went above and beyond this year in its fundraising efforts for the Empty Stocking Project. This heart warming program seeks to bring smiles to the faces of children who’s Holiday season might have otherwise been empty. The residents of Prestwick raised $2,575.00 for clothes, toys, stocking stuffer ideas, music and book gift certificates.
The generosity, time and kindness of the residents is always so overwhelming when it comes to this program. It truly is a joy to watch the staff go out and purchase as much as they can to make this holiday season special for the children sponsored. Here at Prestwick Chase, our residents are big believers in giving back to the local community throughout the year. It is this specific program though where you really see them shine even brighter in their spirit to help others. Thank you to the residents, staff and Saratoga County Children’s Committee for offering this program which will bring little ones smiles on their faces and make this holiday season a fond memory for us all.
Below are pictures of just some of what was purchased so far. We are very certain there will be smiles all around! God bless all, both big and small!

Prestwick Chase Spirit

Gifts for Children

Mosaic Monday’s

Mosaic Monday’s are a great time for residents to meet in the Art Room. Valerie, the teacher of the class helps the residence with their designs. Many of the creations are done in preparation of the holidays. One resident enjoys creating stained glass stocking stuffers for her children and grandchildren. These keep sake pieces are so nice for the families as they represent something very important, time and thoughtfulness.  These wonderful created pieces make fantastic memories for both the individuals creating them and the loved ones who receive them as holiday gifts.  Mosaic Monday’s classes in the Art Room are open to all the residents to enjoy.  All though out the year we offer different styles of art programs for the community.  There are water color painting classes offered, as well as soldering.  These activities are also a great way for new residents who have moved into the community to meet other fellow residents who may share in the same kind of hobbies. Thank you to all the residents, staff, and the art teacher who make this course available for the community to participate in.

Mosaic Art Activities

Creating Art

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