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Turn to our entire team at Prestwick Chase


Our staff & support team includes Skidmore college students, Saratoga Springs residents, and other local talent providing the utmost in hospitality & customer service. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Staff Member Position

Fred McNeary, Jr.


Nicole Rosevear

Office Manager

Kellie Postlethwaite

Director of Sales


John Rowe

Marketing Director


John Dahl

Resident Relations Coordinator


Mihaela Dahl

Housekeeping Supervisor
Mihaela is the housekeeping manager at Prestwick Chase at Saratoga. Mihaela leads our team of housekeepers to offer our residents regular service and support for apartment and facility cleanliness.Phone: (518) 584-7766

Noah Oddy

Maintenance Supervisor

Belinda Sankovich

Activities Director
Belinda is the activities director at Prestwick Chase at Saratoga. Belinda is in charge of designing activities and scheduling events for our residents at Prestwick Chase.Phone: (518) 584-7766

John Falco

Dining Room Manager

Culinary Team

Chef’s & Sous Chef