Prestwick Chase resident had a locomotive dream come true. Staff found out that Mr. Parlin, resident of Prestwick Chase loves trains and always wanted to be right at the very front near the helm. Staff members reached out to Saratoga Corinth & Hudson Railway and informed them of our residents dream. For a fee it was arranged, that Mr. Parlin would indeed get his chance at the front lead engine.
The Adirondack Company originally built this historic line in 1864. The line ran from Saratoga Springs to North Creek NY. ALCO 5, a historic original 660HP S-1 locomotive was built by the American Locomotive Company in 1943, at Schenectady NY.
The staff at Prestwick Chase was thrilled to see this residents dream come true and the photos are simply priceless. Prestwick Chase is described by many as the cruise ship on land, as we want our family of residents to enjoy life to the fullest. Once in a while big dreams and the stars align. We are proud to say this was one of those moments. Thank you to all who made this bucket list moment possible. ALL ABOARD!!
**June 25th @ 11am residents who RSVP by May 25th will have a chance to purchase tickets for a fun ride on the railway north. don’t miss out!!
train and tracks
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