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Senior Living in the Capital Region, New York

Prestwick Chase’s Blog – Senior Independent Living

Check back regularly for news and events in the Capital Region and Saratoga Springs, NY for active independents 55+.


Prestwick Chase celebrated Father’s Day weekend by hosting a Classic Car Drive In. Over 40 vehicles of all types and models were lined up for residents to view. Was a beautiful warm day to get out and look over these incredible vehicles. Owners and residents were treated to hamburgers, hotdogs and sausages with peppers during the mid day hours. Local media was present to film the days activities which received fantastic reviews.

Father’s Day itself was a special treat for the residents as fresh Maine lobster was flown in literally off the boat that morning and served for dinner Father’s Day at Prestwick Chase!! Talk about fresh catch, it can not get any fresher than that. Just one more example of why Prestwick Chase is often referred to as the “Cruise Ship on Land”. When we say we will go the extra mile for our family of residents, well you can bank on it, as our miles took us all the way to Maine to treat our community.

Thank you to all the car owners who made this past weekend a great day of fun for our community. We would also like to thank all the local media who came out to show that even during challenging times our residents are still living the dream. Lastly we would like to thank the pilots who made the fresh lobster event possible and all the staff who put in hours of work on the weekend to make this Father’s Day one to remember.


Residents of Prestwick were treated to a wonderful farmers market right here at the property. Local farmers were able to set up tables to offer residents local fresh vegetables. Many residents came out to enjoy the nice weather and support local farmers. As you will see in the photos below was a great spread of offerings for the residents to select from. As things slowly return to normal from the virus, we at Prestwick Chase believe it is important for residents to get outside, take in the fresh air and enjoy picking vegetables they would like to have in their homes . We also believe in supporting the local community of farmers, which makes this activity a win, win all the way around. Thank you to staff and the farmers who made this possible and kept everyone safe while participating in the activity. We look forward to future returns of the famers to Prestwick Chase.


Mother’s Day at Prestwick Chase was filled with much joy and emotions this year. As we all know the virus has resulted in many residents having to go without the ability to see their loved ones, outside of using social media outlets. This Mother’s Day, Prestwick Chase set up a car parade and invited families to come on out to see mom. Social distancing guidelines were followed and family members lined up their cars to come into the property to express their love for mom. There were many tears shed and we are happy to report they were of joy.

Mother’s were also given a surprise chair with the logo “Sittin Out the Virus 2020” as a gift from the staff. Our 4 Star Culinary Team from the Kitchen prepared wonderful cuisines such as prime rib, scallops, and Cornish hens to name a few on the menu for Mother’s Day. News Media were on sight to interview and report on the celebration at Prestwick Chase.

The day was a smashing hit despite the cooler temperatures. Prestwick Chase continues to find creative ways for both the residents and their loved ones to still safely see each other during this pandemic. We often think about the effects of physical separation from seeing family members. Here at Prestwick Chase we recognize that mental health can also be negatively effected by the virus and why it is so important that mom and dad know they are not alone.

We here at Prestwick Chase say thank you to all the families who made such wonderful signs and decorations letting their family members know how loved they are. We also say thank you to all the staff who spent countless hours preparing this event and making sure it could be done safely following CDC guidelines. We are proud to report that our community continues to remain healthy, safe, cared for and virus free. The Management and staff will continue with all its power to maintain the well being of the community. After all, it is 100% about FAMILY.


Prestwick Chase listed in the News.  The Independent living community of 55 and above adults was featured in the News.  The article listed how the management team and staff help keep their residents safe from the virus.  At Prestwick Chase it is always about family.  The residents are our extended family.  The virus has caused most businesses to think outside the box and be proactive vs. reactive.  Prestwick Chase early on took the initiative to find ways to help limit exposer of the community to the pandemic.  These safety measures have made all the difference.  Following CDC guidelines and creative thinking measures, our community is healthy, virus free and residents still enjoying their lives despite the virus.



Residents following the 6 feet rule, came down to enjoy laughs and fun by playing bocce ball and corn hole games in our large open space of Congress Hall. This fun activity gives everyone a break from watching endless bad news on the T.V. and a chance to simply enjoy some light physical fitness, game play and a bundle of laughs. And yes you can hear those wonderful laughs through all the masks. We know that people are concerned over this current virus situation. We also know it is important for people to have some sense of freedom to just be able to relax for a bit, even if just is a couple hours of some fun floor tossing games. Staff members on their day off came in to help make the game day possible. Here at Prestwick Chase it is all about family. Physical steps like temperature readings, installation of hand sanitizing stations all over the property, masks, ultra violet lighting to help sanitize all inbound mail, packages and grocery deliveries are just a few steps to aid in keeping the community healthy. It is equally important that mental health wise, people are able to let stress or worries pause for a bit and be able to walk the grounds outside or enjoy a game day in hall here at Prestwick. Thank you to the staff and residents who came out to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon. To all the readers or family members who visit our page, know that we are doing everything we can to keep Mom and Dad safe, healthy and not losing something very important, the JOY of daily life, even if that routine has been altered for us all for a bit. We love our Prestwick Chase family and in soon this situation will pass. Have a blessed day!

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