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Senior Living in the Capital Region, New York

Prestwick Chase’s Blog – Senior Independent Living

Check back regularly for news and events in the Capital Region and Saratoga Springs, NY for active independents 55+.


Do not think for one moment some pesky virus is going to stop our residents for preparing for Easter! Residents came down to enjoy the tradition of making little Easter Egg Baskets and painting eggs for the up coming holiday. This honored tradition always reminds us adults of those times when we sat at the kitchen table with our parents, siblings or friends and marveled at changing the color of the eggs by dipping them in dye. And we all remember trying to dip them with our fingers in the cups to make them striped and then realized we had dyed our fingers multiple colors, ha ha ha. The tradition was honored yet again by these residents who have the Easter Spirit. Was a fun time and before too much longer Peter Cotton Tail, will be hoping down the bunny trail!

egg decoration


A Murder Mystery Party was held in the High Rock Bar & Lounge at Prestwick Chase. One of our residents decided to celebrate her birthday by inviting close friends to partake in this life version of the game of Clue. Friends dressed up as actors for the play with different roles. And of course as they enjoyed dinner cuisines and drinks, all were on the prowl to find out information and clues. The party was an absolute blast!

Thank you to all the staff for the decorations and Chef for the evenings cuisines. We love the creativity of our resident community and this birthday bash will be one to be remembered.

Birthday Party

Residents dress up for Murder Mystery Party.

Cross Country Skiing

With over 100 plus acres at Prestwick Chase, residents took in some Cross-country skiing today. With the sun shining and the air calm with warmer temperatures, it was the perfect day to put on the skis and enjoy the nature around Prestwick Chase. With small gentle slopes here and there around the back area of the property, one can truly enjoy a safe day out on the skis. As they enjoyed the almost 50 degree day you can be sure they discovered animal tracks as well as leaving their own trails behind in the snow. Prestwick Chase landscape and acres are the perfect set-up for a fun day in the snow and taking in a little bit of that all important Vitamin D from mother natures sunshine. Not to be ignored as well is the benefits of fitness for the joints and body in partaking of this winter sport. Happy Trails!!

For a tour of the property please call Kellie Postlethwaite Dir. of Sales or John Rowe Dir. of Marketing at 518-584-7766. They will be happy to show you what has been described by so many residents here as the “Cruise Ship on Land”!


Residents were treated to wonderful dinner and dessert cuisines on Valentines Day. There were singers, harpist and decorations galore to celebrate the day. As you can see from the photos below, much laughter and smiles surrounded the days gatherings!


Prestwick Chase Men’s Breakfast Club always likes to kick off the New Year with a funny saying as listed by the title above from them. Last year these cut ups had all black mustaches on for their photo. This year the creative bunch came up with the theme, “Raising Cane”. Once again they proved their hilarious ideas have no bounds!

This weekly social activity is a pure joy at Prestwick. Both the men and women’s weekly breakfast gathering is a time to sit back, laugh and make new friends. Our 4 Star Culinary Team treats the groups to the breakfast cuisines they enjoy, all fresh cook to order. Thank you to all those in the photo for spreading good cheer and always welcoming new pranksters to their group!

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