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Senior Living in the Capital Region, New York

Prestwick Chase’s Blog – Senior Independent Living

Check back regularly for news and events in the Capital Region and Saratoga Springs, NY for active independents 55+.

Flavor Feast

Prestwick Chase participated in the Flavor Festival of 2018. The Management Team set up a booth and offered pork pulled sandwiches with apple slaw and a pickle on top. We did over 650 sandwiches and the general public loved them! We had a great time, people enjoyed our food and we had many people asking who Prestwick Chase is and what do you do. Thank you to all those who helped pull off this wonderful event.


Residents came out this weekend to take a hot air balloon ride high in the sky. The morning was filled with excitement and anticipation of a wonderful flight and viewing of the area. While the air balloons were being set up there was even people making bubbles with the children. This activity is always something fun for everyone across the generations. In the end there is just something about this activity that brings out the kid in us all and that clearly shows by the big smiles in the photos below.


Country Side Market

Residents of Prestwick took a day trip out to the Carrot Barn, a country side market, to shop for fresh vegetables. They then headed just down the road to the Apple Barrel for lunch. Our residents love supporting farms and fresh produce markets in the surrounding areas.  Prestwick Chases location allows for residents to have access to many wonderful country side markets.  Studies have shown that eating organic fruits and veggies really can have a great impact on ones health, energy and over all fitness.



Prestwick Chase hosted the Canfield Casino Gala. The benefit was for the Saratoga Historical Society. The guests were treated to many forms of live entertainment acts. Music entertainment was the Georgie Wonder Band and they were absolutely fantastic.

Our guests enjoyed cuisines prepared by the Culinary team of Prestwick Chase, a 4 star Kitchen. There was also gaming tables and fortune tellers for people to visit. The night was very festive with dancing, magicians and music.

Thank you to all the staff and vendors who participated in this nights events. A special thank you to all those from the community who attended to Gala to support a wonderful cause.

Gala 2018 Canfield Casino

The HoneyBees of Prestwick

The honeybees of Prestwick Chase are flourishing.  The Management Staff went out to harvest honey from the hives and check on their bee population.  This wonderful activity draws much attention from the residents.  One of the hives being checked sits near a hallway where residents can gather and watch from only feet away.  It is a great educational program for everyone involved.  The honey sampled was fantastic.  As you can see in the photos below the top level tray was covered with this sweet delight.  The bees on average fly as far as up to two miles away on their hunt for food.  This means that some of the bees you see in downtown Saratoga Springs on the flowers, literally could be from one of our three hives.  As we approach the fall season honey will be harvested again before our small friends prepare for their long winter huddle.  Stay Tuned!!


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