With a touch of summer temperatures warming up the area, vivid colors abound all over Prestwick Chases landscape. It truly is amazing to see flowers still in bloom, while sharing the stage with magnificent fall colors. Residents still have the joy of going to their garden boxes and seeing their planted displays at work. Hard […]


This past Saturday, one of the residents was able to do something he has not been able to do in 30 years. Fish a beautiful Adirondack Lake. Joe Campanella, a 98 year old World War II Veteran of the Pacific Theater and resident of Prestwick Chase, had shared back in June his hope to get […]


Prestwick Chase hosted a wonder historical lecture in Congress Hall for the residents. A historical actor came in, dressed as the son of Ulysses Grant. The presentation was on the sons experience with a wartime father and future president of the United States. This detailed reenactment of the sons dealings with his father during the […]


A resident at Prestwick Chase captured a fantastic sight over the property. A full rainbow stretching across the sky.  We love the pictures the residents take of sunsets, wildlife and plants around the grounds.  Many in the community truly have an eye for capturing the moment with a camera.  Life is good!


Art Class Room

Winter is still in the area but inside Prestwick Chase a sign of Spring could be found. Residents attended a fresh flowers arrangement activity. They were able to create their own vibrant arrangements with assorted flowers and colors. The room was filled with spring fragrances as the creations took shape. There was much joy and […]


Residents lined up to buy wonderful delights of sweets that they enjoy. Pebbles Linseman, Owner and operator of A Spoonful Of Sugar, located in South Glens Falls, set up tables of wonderful treats for residents to purchase. She has a ton of quiche options, muffins (lemon poppy, raspberry or blueberry crumb), cinnamon rolls, bread, carrot […]


Prestwick residents have raised more then $4000.00 dollars for helping families in the local area make sure that Santa does not miss any child on Christmas. We originally started with 3 kids. Then as donation after donation rolled in, we called and were able to help 8 children! We shopped for the basics first, underwear, […]


Residents gathered in the Corner Cupboard Restaurant to welcome new members to the community who recently moved into Prestwick Chase. This tradition by the community is a fantastic event that helps new individuals meet friends. Coffee, Tea and pastries are served for all those who attend. As all of us know, change can initially be […]


Residents of Prestwick Chase at Saratoga were treated to a 90-minute guided tour of beautiful, historic Saratoga Springs. This informative & entertaining tour offered by the the Saratoga Visitor Bureau included historic sights and points of interest along Broadway, North Broadway, the Skidmore campus, the High Rock area, and the Saratoga Race Course. The trolley […]

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