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Residents were treated in Congress Hall on Sunday to birds of prey, Raptor Show. This wonderful event is highly educational and allows residents to see up close these incredible birds. There were falcons, owls and eagles to name a few. Residents were able to watch them do a short flight in the room to set post. Many of these creatures are common to our region but to be able to see them feet away vs sitting off in the distance, is simply amazing.
The handlers discussed the birds favorite prey, eye sight abilities, speeds of flight, different purposes of feather lengths and their typical habitats. Thank you to The Wildlife Institute of Eastern NY, specifically Trish & Bernie who put on the presentation for the residents.
mini owl
residents at raptor show


We wish all of you a very Happy Easter. Residents at Prestwick Chase were treated to an outstanding buffet to celebrate the holiday. Fresh lobster tails, juicy ham, salmon and scalloped potatoes were just a few items to select from. There of course was wonderful carrot cake for dessert. It was fantastic to see family members coming in to visit residents in their homes. The smiles of family enjoying the fact that our community after many months has reached the point that they could return to the property made Easter all the more special. So many treats, fresh flowers being delivered in person, made the day. We look forward to continuing to be persistent in keeping our residents safe, healthy and filled with joy. Before you know it summer will be here and staff, family members and residents will be enjoying life as the way it was before the pandemic! Again from our hearts to yours, HAPPY EASTER.



With a beautiful 65 degree sunny day, Prestwick Chase staff treated the residents to an outdoor spring fling get together. A 6ft sub was ordered from Roma’s which actually took two people to carry in. The massive sub was served to over 100 residents. Live music by Jeff Brisbin was played outdoors. With the resident population vaccinated, life is returning to normal. We are looking forward to a wonderful Spring and many more events to come. It was nice to see everyone relaxing, smiling, conversing and simply enjoying themselves in the sun and in the bar area. It has been a long tough season for many with the pandemic and winter. It looks though that brighter days are ahead of us and we will take them!! Thank you to Maintenance Department who set up the outdoor furniture, the wait staff and kitchen staff who made this party possible. Special big thank you too Amy our Activities Coordinator for pulling off some much needed fun in the sun. Stay tuned for future positive announcements regarding life at Prestwick Chase for our community!!


serving of sub to residents

residents in bar

residents enjoying lunch in bar at Spring fling 2021

beautiful 65 degree day in March 2021


Residents were treated by the staff to complimentary Hurricane Mardi Gras drinks. The Hurricane is composed of two types of rum, lime juice, orange juice, passion fruit puree, grenadine and simple syrup. Staff went door to door with music, and drinks to hand out to all those who wanted to try. Beaded necklaces were also given out. Residents during dinner also had great New Orleans cuisines and king cakes to match the days festivities. It was a lot of fun with residents thoroughly enjoying their tropical midday drinks to celebrate the day.


Hurricane drink

resident with hurricane drink

King Cake

King Cake Mardi Gras 2021


Prestwick Chase continues implementation of innovative ways to maintain its COVID19 FREE status. These policies combined with technology have helped keep the resident population immune to date from the pandemic that has crippled so many other facilities in the local region.
One of many creative ideas was the construction of a visitor center. The center built by the staff has ultra violate lighting mounted in the ceiling. This special lighting helps in the sanitizing of the space after a 45 minute visitor meeting with loved ones. A maximum of 4 persons, six feet apart and with masks on allows family members to visit for a short time without actually entering into the residential areas of the community. Prestwick Chase realizes that physical health is of course extremely important to its population but so is the mental health of all its residents. The visitor center achieves that important key aspect of mental health by allowing a safe environment for residents to see their loved ones.
Another proactive measure taken by the Management was to implement the use of state of the art technology. Temperature readers were installed in hallways leading to main common public spaces as a way to ensure that residence are showing normal temperatures. Hand sanitizing stations are located through out the building and residents take full advantage of them daily.
Prestwick Chase Management and its community have been blessed greatly to be COVID19 FREE with almost a year passing now since the start of the pandemic. We all know there is no guarantees in life but what Prestwick Chase can attest to, is that every effort is being made to maintain a safe living environment for its residents. Our residents are not merely tenants enduring a pandemic, they are family.
We want to also take a moment to applaud YOU THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS AND SAY THANK YOU!! We know this pandemic has been a trying time on you as well. It is hard to miss birthdays, graduations, celebrations of every kind and simply the ability to be with your loved ones. It has been with all of your cooperation, understanding and perseverance that Prestwick Chases policies have helped keep your loved ones safe, even when they were not popular early on. We feel for those other facilities in the region who have sadly been heavily infected and suffered the loss of lives that we all witness on the news. This is exactly why we will not waiver in our proactive measures to keep the pandemic out of Prestwick Chase. We want to continue to be that beacon of hope and leadership that is blazing a trail of safety.  Prestwick Chase has often in social media been referred to as a cruise ship on land. With all that we offer for our community, we want you to know, this ship will continue to sail safely through turbulent times. We all will strive together….management, staff, residents and family members to maintain this COVID19 FREE journey here in our community.
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