Clay Concepts Pottery Studio

Clay Concepts Pottery Studio hosted residents of Prestwick for a pottery class.  The studio is in Glens Falls, which is only 20 minutes from Prestwick Chase.  The “Try It” class helps people get first hand experience at a pottery wheel.  The residents learned on the wheel how to spin cups and bowls.  There was much laughter to be had as the process involves a person willing to get a bit dirty from the wheel spinning rapidly.  The creations made can be glazed, making the bowls safe to eat from.  The one on one attention makes for a wonderful teaching environment for all ages interested in the process.  Clay Concepts Pottery Studio, does not just make clay objects, they make memories.  Prestwick Chase was happy to offer this program for the community.  We are certain more classes will be offered.  At Prestwick Chase it is all about listening to what our independent residents love doing.  We design activities around their requests and not what we think would be interesting.  This creates a truly living, breathing community of people enjoying their lives to the fullest and not simply sitting watching T.V.  Our Resident Council plays a big part in sharing the interests of the residents hobbies with the management.  At Prestwick Chase, it is all about a community that is family!

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