Cross Country Skiing

With over 100 plus acres at Prestwick Chase, residents took in some Cross-country skiing today. With the sun shining and the air calm with warmer temperatures, it was the perfect day to put on the skis and enjoy the nature around Prestwick Chase. With small gentle slopes here and there around the back area of the property, one can truly enjoy a safe day out on the skis. As they enjoyed the almost 50 degree day you can be sure they discovered animal tracks as well as leaving their own trails behind in the snow. Prestwick Chase landscape and acres are the perfect set-up for a fun day in the snow and taking in a little bit of that all important Vitamin D from mother natures sunshine. Not to be ignored as well is the benefits of fitness for the joints and body in partaking of this winter sport. Happy Trails!!

For a tour of the property please call Kellie Postlethwaite Dir. of Sales or John Rowe Dir. of Marketing at 518-584-7766. They will be happy to show you what has been described by so many residents here as the “Cruise Ship on Land”!

Residents cross country skiing at Prestwick Chase

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