Residents of Prestwick Chase recently were given a tremendous cruise in style early fall surprise. Prestwick Chase now owns for its residents a tour bus!! The sleek vehicle has reclining seats, flat screen T.V’s, bathroom and has the ability when boarding to lower itself right down to the ground to allow those with physical challenges to simply step right on without difficulty. The Prestwick Chase Touring Bus also allows more residents to participate in outings and activities as the original seating on previous shuttle was 13 and now has expanded to 40!! Another great perk is all the extra storage below the seating. This makes it very easy to be able to store luggage, walkers and any items that normally could clutter the inside when going out on activities.

Prestwick Chase has often been referred to on T.V, talk radio and other social media platforms as a cruise ship on land. Well we love that label so much that now the cruise ship on land has a mini cruiser for its residents to travel in complete luxury, comfort and safety. We are constantly seeking to provide the best services for our family community and to always go a step beyond anyone attempting to be our competitors. Leading by example and listening to the desires of our community is what constantly drives us to be the best.

This particular activity was with a group out to the Olde Bryan Inn Restaurant here in Saratoga Springs. Even with masks on you could see the smiles and excitement to know that everyone was going to enjoy a very smooth ride. We look forward too many more outings in the near future. Leaf Peak Season is just around the corner!

Prestwick chase Tour Bus

Inside Prestwick Chase Tour Bus

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