Dinner in the Chefs Office is a wonderful dining experience with a more intimate culinary touch. Four residents are randomly selected and offered the opportunity to dine next to the Culinary Team of Chefs. This upscale private event allows for the residents to order off the menu the evening specials or request to sample the Chefs signature dishes.

This fine dining concept brings the resident up close to see the Culinary teams preparations of the selected cuisines. Prestwick Chase delights in the fact that we have our own 4 star Kitchen on premise. This translates into food being cooked, fresh to order by the community.

Here at Prestwick Chase dining is not just about feeding Mom & Dad. It is about providing quality over quantity. A food experience that the competition in the area can not offer.

We look forward to many residents taking advantage of this event and its location. Friendly service, fantastic food, and beautiful decor is a winning recipe. The only ingredient missing, your seat at the table, so please join us!

Chefs Dinner
Dinner in the Chefs Office

Culinary Experience

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