Prestwick Chase made a financial donation for the upkeep of the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs. In past years, Prestwick Chase has hosted a Travers Gala Event at the Canfield Casino. This Gala marks the end of the Saratoga Season of Premier Horse Racing.
With the pandemic situation effecting large social gatherings, Prestwick Chase aired on the side of safety and cancelled the event it was to host this past August.
A refund was going to be given for the nights events but instead the CEO of Prestwick Chase had a better idea. The refund was given as a donation for the restoration and repairs of this wonderful historic building. Prestwick Chase and its residents have always been huge supporters of the local community. Below is the letter received, sent to John Rowe Dir. of Marketing, thanking Prestwick Chase.
Thanks John
———- Original Message ———-
From: Leigha O’Connor <leigha.o’>
To: johnrowe <>
Cc: Skip Scirocco <>, Mike Veitch <>
Date: 09/03/2021 2:09 PM
Subject: Donation
Good Afternoon John,
I would like to thank you for the generous donation to the City’s Canfield Casino. It will be a great help in repair and restorations of one of the City’s beautiful historic buildings. I would also like to notify you that Commissioner Scirocco will be accepting your donation at our upcoming City Council meeting on 9/7/21. Thank you so much, again for your generosity! Please reach out if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Leigha O’Connor
Executive Assistant To Commissioner of Public Works
474 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
518-587-3550 ext. 2561
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