Eclipse Celebration

Eclipse Celebration was held outside at Prestwick Chase Pavilion.  Residents were invited to gather for live music, snacks, drinks and to witness mother natures amazing show.  We served pizza from our own pizza stone oven.  There was also themed snacks like moon pies, rocket icicle pops and freeze dried astronaut ice cream.  We also had traditional lemonade and for the more daring residents lemonade mixed with raspberry vodka.  With the hot temperatures outside during the eclipse we had ice cold watermelon available for the grandchildren and families visiting.  Our Activities Coordinator Belinda, made sure we had plenty of safety eclipse glasses for everyone who wanted to take a peek at this amazing event in the heavens.  Everyone sat back relaxed and enjoyed the live music.  We also had our property drone aloft shooting video of the party.  Thank you to the staff and residents for making our Eclipse Celebration one to remember!


eclipse party
Eclipse Celebration

Eclipse starting to happen

Eclipse viewing

Eclipse viewing by residents

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