Empty Stocking Project

The Prestwick Chase Community went above and beyond this year in its fundraising efforts for the Empty Stocking Project. This heart warming program seeks to bring smiles to the faces of children who’s Holiday season might have otherwise been empty. The residents of Prestwick raised $2,575.00 for clothes, toys, stocking stuffer ideas, music and book gift certificates.
The generosity, time and kindness of the residents is always so overwhelming when it comes to this program. It truly is a joy to watch the staff go out and purchase as much as they can to make this holiday season special for the children sponsored. Here at Prestwick Chase, our residents are big believers in giving back to the local community throughout the year. It is this specific program though where you really see them shine even brighter in their spirit to help others. Thank you to the residents, staff and Saratoga County Children’s Committee for offering this program which will bring little ones smiles on their faces and make this holiday season a fond memory for us all.
Below are pictures of just some of what was purchased so far. We are very certain there will be smiles all around! God bless all, both big and small!

Prestwick Chase Spirit
Gifts for Children

Toys for tots

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