Residents gathered for an outdoor picnic to celebrate the first day of summer. There was food, live music, games and a dunk tank! The Chairmen of the Resident Council volunteered to climb in the tank and give fellow residents a chance to send him into the water. There was much laughter as people lined up trying to strike the plate with a ball to drop him in the tank. He finally was dropped into the tank after several tries. A couple of Prestwick Chase staff members also climbed up the ladder to allow people to try to put them into the drink as well.

The day was perfect, wonderful temperatures and slightly over casted with cloud cover. As you can see from the pictures below everyone had a great time. We even had some female residents joking asking who was the man with nice legs in the dunk tank! Ha, Ha, Ha.

Thank you to all the residents and staff for kicking off summer 2018 with a fun filled day outside. The live music was great as well and always is a joy to have at our celebrations for the community.


Summer picnic

Dunk Tank for fun

Residents ready to attempt to dunk another resident in tank

resident gets dunked in tank, direct hit

resident is a good sport for letting others attempt to dunk him

great food and drinks flow

staff waiting on residence, beautiful day for a cook out.

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