GALA 2019

Prestwick Chase hosted an evening Gala, at the Canfield Casino in Congress Park. The proceeds raised from this night of elegance were donated to the Saratoga Museum of History. The goal,..boost education programs and upgrades to the restoration of the museum. Prestwick Chase continues to be a proud member of the local community supporting institutions that enrich the population of Saratoga Springs.

The nights entertainment included live music, magicians, fortune tellers and table games. Fine cheeses, lamb chops, eel, salmon, frog legs, pasta stations fresh cook to order and beef tenderloin were just a few of the upscale cuisines that attendees enjoyed.

The event was extremely well attended and a fantastic success. We would like to thank all the sponsors, attendees, chefs and staff. A special thank you to the McNeary Family, who are the proud business owners of Prestwick Chase. Their generosity and commitment to excellence is what made this night of magic possible!

Saratoga Gala Canefield Casino

Dancing at Gala

Magic Entertainers at Gala

Fine cheeses for Gala preparation.

Gala games for guests

Ice Carving fo0r Seafood Station at Gala

Black Jack table at Gala

Ice carving decor

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