Golf Classic 2017

Golf Classic 2017 Championships were held by the residents of Prestwick Chase.  Residents sign up and are paired up to participate in the Summer long event.  At the end of the year in September they hold the final contest to determine the years Champion pair.  Golf Classic 2017 was a big hit.  We had the perfect weather for the event.  The participants enjoyed a cook out put on by our own Culinary Team.  There was much laughter and pleasant conversations as the contest progressed.  This year the final round went into a sudden death putt off as 3 pairs had fielded the exact same score totals.  The players will also be treated to an October Golf Dinner Party and the winning pair for 2017 will receive a surprise gift.  Thank you to all the golfers who participated in this years tournament.  We look forward to hopefully seeing even more new residents who recently joined the community, sign up for next years golf events.  Thank you to all the staff for helping make the day so much fun for the group.

golf championships
Prestwick Chase Golf Tournament
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