The Good Life…to the End

By Kathy Bowen

My career past includes three decades of newspaper reporting. As a young reporter, one of my duties was to write obituaries. Those final stories of a life often followed a formula, but whenever possible, I tried to reach out to a family member to add a little “flavor” about the person who had passed away.

Here at Prestwick Chase, we occasionally suffer the loss of a precious resident. Recently, we have grieved with the widows of two wonderful gentlemen. Each of these men had chronologically been senior citizens for many years, but they were sharp, funny and loving souls who are now greatly missed by their families and our community.

What gives us comfort are the conversations with family members who tell us Prestwick Chase made the final years of their loved ones lives joyous, stimulating, fun and interesting as they got to know their neighbors.

Often residents tell me they wish they had moved to Prestwick Chase sooner. That they spent time alone in a house, when they could have been with us taking trips, participating in games and clubs and getting to know people from around the world who now call Prestwick Chase home.

If you or a loved one is dreading the upcoming winter because it will be lonely or boring, give us a call and take a tour of Prestwick Chase. You may discover our way of life is the right choice for you.

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