Halloween Celebration

As promised we have more pictures from our Halloween Celebration. The party was so much fun. We had a very large turnout and the costumes were great by the residents. There were all kinds of finger foods, sweets, drinks and live music entertainment for the residents. We had a hilarious contest in which 2 members of management volunteered to be wrapped up like mummies in a speed contest between residents. Prizes were awarded for the winners. One of our decorations as seen in a picture below came all the way from Transylvania. A couple who traveled to the real “Dracula Castle” donated this piece which shows Vlad the Impaler who the myth of Dracula is based on. The staff went all out on the decorations. We enjoy hosting this party so much as no matter what age a person is, we all enjoy dressing up and having a playful evening of fright and delight. Thank you to the staff, the chef’s, and especially the residents who came out with such wonderful enthusiasm for this event. We truly had a howling of a good time.

Halloween Gathering
Halloween 2017

Halloween Party



Ghost Decoration


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