Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s the Friday before Mother’s Day and the flower delivery vans keep rolling through the gate at Prestwick Chase at Saratoga.

Our staff have been seen in each wing bringing bright bouquets to residents from children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren around town and around the globe.

Sunday will be lively in our community as family members come to share Sunday brunch in The Commodore dining room or to take our residents out for a day of celebration of mom.

On Saturdays, ladies here have Women’s Breakfast to look forward to each weekend. The women get together at 10 a.m. for something special from the grill or the waffle iron, and then they enjoy each other’s company until it’s time to go shopping on the shuttle or whatever the day may bring.

The men in the community have their special breakfast on Monday mornings where the national sports or personal golf scores are often the topics of discussion.

Prestwick Chase at Saratoga has an active group of residents, many of whom moved to our community to be closer to their children. Once here, residents find so much to do, the kids sometimes have to call for an appointment to see the folks!

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