Residents of Prestwick Chase were treated to a holiday dance recital. Creative Dance Arts group, out of Round Lake NY, came to Prestwick Chase to put on the show in Congress Hall. They brought a lot of holiday cheer and wonderful dance routines for the residents to enjoy.
Creative Dance Arts, originally named The Donna Smead School of Dance, was founded in 1976 by Donna Turner. Thanks to Donna’s passion for dance and her giving spirit, her first teaching assistant, Patti Friedman was inspired to pursue a dance teaching career. After receiving an Education degree and returning to the area after college, she has been owner/director since 1999. Patti has continued to maintain the high standards for quality dance education that Donna had begun decades earlier.
Prestwick Chase would like to thank Patti and all of her talented dancers for spreading holiday cheer too so many! The residents enjoyed the recital very much!
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