Holiday excitement is building.

We’ve had two visits from Santa in recent days as well as Hanukkah music and stories.

The smiles and good wishes are flowing up and down the halls of Prestwick Chase and residents are displaying personal items in front of their apartments, sharing the memories of years gone by and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

We are fortunate to have a few residents who began their lives in other parts of the world. Most are happy, with a little prodding, to tell how they celebrated the holidays in their homelands, or to share a treat that was either received as a gift or made in the kitchen here.

Among the countries we have represented by natives are: Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and England. Many of our other residents have travelled extensively and I would be hard pressed to think of a nation on the planet that has not been experienced and photographed.

Whether you are a local, a transplant or someone who would like to move to Saratoga Springs to be closer to loved ones, give us a call and learn more about Prestwick Chase. You’ll understand better why we say this community has everything (and everyone) for the Best Season of Your Life!!


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