Student Human Development Class Interviews

Students conducted interviews to learn about generational differences and perspectives on paths people took in their lives and why. Education was a big topic.  Students asked residents what school was like in their time, did they like school, did they play sports and what was their favorite subject.

Another big topic was about residents career choices. How they decided on their career fields, how was fashion different in their time of work versus today and what were values that their parents taught them that they still use today in their lives.

The topic on parenting and social values was a wealth of information to be shared by the students and the residents. They discussed how life was different now from when they were growing up, did the residents think parenting styles have changed over the years and what did they believe is the biggest difference between their generation and the current ones.

Prestwick Chase would like to thank Warrensburg, Mayfield and Amsterdam High Schools for offering this wonderful educational program. The exchange of ideas and concepts across the generations gives the students first hand knowledge on how America, the workforce, and social values have changed over the decades. We look forward to future get togethers as the students and the residents had a wonderful time together.

Generations exchange ideas and view points
Student Interviews
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