Residents of Prestwick took a fall trip together to Ireland.  Each year Prestwick Chase Sales & Activities Departments organize either an offered trip to Europe or a cruise in the Caribbean.  Staff will go on the trip to help residents on tours and outings.  This is a fantastic time in which life long memories are made as well as new friendships.  This particular trip to Ireland included stops in Dublin and onto the Cliffs of Moher.  There were many stops at local taverns to hear Irish music played and try the local cuisines.  Another nice part about this particular vacation trip is the flight is not long from New York to Dublin and you can get there rather quickly.  Thank you to the residents and staff that made this European trip such a wonderful experience.  We look forward to the next European destination with much anticipation!

Residents in Ireland

Group photo in Ireland

Visiting taverns in Ireland

Resident couple in Ireland from Prestwick Chase

Beautiful landscapes in Ireland

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