Kentucky Derby at Prestwick

Well the running of the Derby has gone by and the winner was….Residents at Prestwick Chase!! Always dreaming was the horse who officially won but our residents were a close second as they enjoyed our Derby Party. We had Kentucky Derby Fried Chicken, Traditional Kentucky Burgoo (Stew) with lamb, beef, veal, chicken, pork and vegetables, Shrimp Cocktails, and Derby Pie for our special of the evening. Was a nice time and we had some residents who took to the tradition of dressing to the nines for the Derby when coming down to the party. And of course one of our drinks from the bar to mark the festivities was a Mint Julep, as a special. Thank you to the staff and residents for a fantastic party. The fresh roses everywhere was an elegant touch. Always Dreaming did win the derby, but we are very certain our residents will be “Always Dreaming”, for what we will do for next years running of the Kentucky Derby. One thing will be certain, bet on Prestwick Chase to be the “WIN”, the High Rock Bar and Lounge will be the “PLACE”, and when it is said and done our party on FaceBook page will be the “SHOW”!

Derby Party Prestwick
Residents at the High Rock Bar
Derby party for residents in bar.
Kentucky Derby Party

Prestwick Chase finger food dishes being presented to residents.

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