Kites Aloft Over Prestwick Chase

Kites were aloft at Prestwick Chase this week.  Some of our residents expressed that when they were young kids they loved flying Kites. When we all think back to those days, there was just something so much fun on a breezy day to send a Kite way up high and watch it and control it. Our Activities Coordinator noticed that today was a very breezy day and thought LETS DO IT!! Now you have heard people say with a bit of a tone in jest or even in anger,..”Hey Go fly a Kite!!” Well at Prestwick Chase, we went flying for pure joy of it. The nice thing about the property is we are surrounded by large open grassy knolls and this makes for the perfect set up for such an activity.

Our residents desires, dreams and ideas mean so much to us. They are not just a community, they are family. We strive to try to make all that may seem impossible, the possible. Today that was helping some residents enjoy a fond memory activity that simply brings out the kid in us all. Thank you to the staff, residents and mother nature for providing the wind! Enjoy the photos.

kite flying
Kites aloft over Prestwick.

Kites sky bound

Staff having fun in the sun with residents

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