A.L.L. (Academy of Lifelong Learning)

A.L.L. held its fall semester year end gathering at Prestwick Chase. The celebration is a wonderful time for members to socialize, relax and enjoy an evening out amongst friends. Many residents from Prestwick are members of the Academy. The Culinary Team at Prestwick Chase provided fantastic hors d’oeuvres for everyone to enjoy. Complimentary cocktails were served to everyone at the High Rock Bar and Lounge while live music played. We would like to thank Jeff Shinamon, Executive Director of A.L.L., for his work and dedication to the Prestwick Chase Community. We enjoy very much his organization and hosting their members gatherings to celebrate another year of success. We look forward to their bright future and that of our resident A.L.L. members.

Academy of Lifelong Learning
Fall semester year end celebration
Year end celebration A.L.L.
Year end celebration at Prestwick Chase for A.L.L. members.

Fine Cheese

Finger Foods

Finger Foods

Crab Cakes

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