A.L.L. Water Series Spier Falls Dam

Prestwick Chase hosts lectures on water ways of New York State.  Todays lecture was on the construction of Spier Falls Dam.  Built between the years of 1900-1903 it was the 4th largest dam in the world at its opening.  The goal was to build a dam capable of harnessing the power of the Hudson River.  The dam measured 1570 feet long, 157 feet high, and was equal to a 15 story building.  Taking 3 years to build, upon its opening it was the number 1 dam in the world in 1903 for producing electrical power.  The name of the dam came from William Spier, a local millionaire who donated a 100,000 dollar check to help see the project to its finish.  As a result of his donation, the dam received his name.

Guest Speakers present creation of Spier Falls Dam

Spier Falls Dam under construction 1900-1903
Spier Falls Dam under construction 1900-1903
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