The Lights Welcome You To Prestwick Chase

Nearly 3,000 strands of white lights have been strung on the trees lining Saratoga Boulevard, the entry to Prestwick Chase at Saratoga.

This is the third year the evergreen trees have been lit for the holidays and our residents get excited when they see Wayde from the maintenance department heading out in the bucket truck.

Among the resident clubs at Prestwick Chase is a poetry reading group that meets monthly in our library. Karen Veglia leads the group of writers that share their prose one Sunday afternoon each month.

The lights on the trees inspired her to pen the following:

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees

Are one of my

Favorite things

The snow-laden branches

Sigh I the wind

From the weight

Of the snow

The tree lights twinkle

They look to the stars

Copy their sheen

The trees follow the path

I slowly enter

Their colossal colonnade

With the heavens

As a roof

I know I am, again


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