Residents at Prestwick Chase celebrated Mardi Gras. The Chefs prepared a fantastic menu. Some of the cuisines were Eggplant, Oyster and Tasso Gratin, Crawfish Etouffee, Shrimp Creole Risotto and Chicken and Ham Jambalaya. For desserts they had chocolate Lava Cake and Bourbon Banana Pudding with glazed Pecans. And if all that was not enough, the community was treated to complimentary Mardi Gras Hurricane drinks.

There was live music from the Tolstrup Band and decorations through out. Our residents truly know how to have a good time and they did! Thank you to the Chef’s for coming up with such colorful festive cuisines for the residents to enjoy. Just one more area that sets us apart from would be competition, we have our own 4 Star Kitchen preparing everything fresh to order.

Thank you to Belinda the Activities Director and all the waitstaff who helped the days celebrations go so smoothly!

Cajun Cuisine Dinner


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