New Year Resolutions

Here at Prestwick Chase at Saratoga, our residents have seen more than a few New Years, but the tradition of making resolutions continues for many.

I find it interesting that the resolutions of an 80-year-old are the same as many people in their 20s.

Those who are looking to get in better shape have a number of opportunities with exercise classes or use of our state of the art workout equipment.

The exercise classes include stretch aerobics , yoga and Tai Chi with expert instructors who are tuned into the needs and abilities of older athletes, or those who haven’t been athletic for a while.

The exercise equipment includes tread mills, various stationary bikes, a rowing machine, weight machine and the latest addition is a Nustep Recumbent Cross Trainer.

Almost every piece of equipment in the room was installed within the last six months. We’ve been seeing a renewed interest in the workout room as word has spread that the new machines are so much fun you forget they are good for you!

The other side of getting in shape means watching the diet. That may be a little tougher for our residents as the dining options at Prestwick Chase are second to none. More on that at a later date!

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