Platinum Anniversary, Plus One!

Prestwick Chase at Saratoga residents Tom and Marie Terriault celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary wedding last week. That’s not a misprint, I said 71st!

Tom and Marie were married on May 8, 1943.

The secret to a long, happy marriage, according to Tom, “Mind your own business and keep smiling.”

Tom and Marie had a tough start to their marriage. They were living in Alabama and Tom was in the Army, months from being sent overseas during World War II.

“We were married in May and I was sent overseas in October,” he said. “I was in France and Belgium for 27 months.”

The couple raised a son and daughter. They left the family home in Rotterdam, NY to come to Prestwick Chase a year and a half ago. They say it was the best decision they had made in a long time.

“We love it here,” Marie said, adding that the now grown children both live just minutes away.

The Terriaults are one of three dozen couples living at Prestwick Chase, many of whom have passed Golden 50th anniversaries.

By the way, the 60th anniversary is Diamond and 70 is Platinum. Hallmark doesn’t include 71 on the list!

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