Prestwick Chase could add years to your life!

Study after study show that older folks living with other people usually live longer, healthier lives than most of those who live alone.
On Sunday night’s CBS “60 Minutes” program, two segments were devoted to a senior community in California that is now the subject of a three-decades long study into longevity and spry behavior.
Men and women over the age of 90 are now the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, according to the national Census Bureau.
“Because of increases in life expectancy at older ages, people 90 and older now comprise 4.7 percent of the older population (age 65 and older), as compared with only 2.8 percent in 1980. By 2050, this share is likely to reach 10 percent,” the Bureau reports.
Studies prove, the senior citizens in the best health often spend time with other people sharing stories and laughs and even a drink or two.
At Prestwick Chase, we can provide all three.
Meet new friends, share your life stories, laugh and have a glass of wine or a cocktail and may you…
Live Every Day of Your Life!!

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