Residents of Prestwick Chase headed out to the Saratoga Museum of History to hear a guest speaker give a presentation on the RedTails over Europe during WWII.  The presentation was given by the son of Clarence Dart Sr., a former RedTail Pilot who flew combat missions over Germany.  This fascinating presentation helped listeners understand all the challenges that came with African American pilots earning their wings.  The Tuskegee Airmen were known as the RedTails due to the solid red painted tails that were on their P-51 fighter planes.  Their record on bomber escort missions is one of the best in the European Theater.  The crews fought so bravely to protect bomber bombing missions over Germany, that their fame became even known to enemy German pilots in the Luftwaffe.

History of RedTail Fighter Pilots WWII

Son of RedTail pilot Clarence Dart Sr.


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