We have a wonderful group of women who have started taking up the game of pool. Do not let those smiles fool you, they will beat you in a game if given the chance! The pictures below show a group that meets regularly and is learning how to play the game. Some have more experience then others but as they say stone sharpens stone and all of them are learning from each other. It is a nice relaxing activity for people to come together, share many laughs and simply enjoy each others company.

Many of the residents will come into the Billiards Room at Prestwick Chase to play a friendly match and engage in a wide variety of discussions. A recent addition to the room is another table where they can learn how to play bumper pool as well. Often we will see the community bringing in the grand children to play a round or two as well. Thank you to all the ladies and gents who come out and enjoy this activity together. RACK THEM UP!

Ladies come together for an afternoon of games and laughter
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