Saint Paddy’s Day celebration was in full swing with the residents.  Prestwick Chase celebrated the luck of the Irish with a Kegs & Eggs breakfast for the residents. The residents were awoken to Irish bagpipes, and then came down for the complimentary breakfast celebration. They were treated to Corn Beef Hash, Irish Bangers, Baileys Bread Pudding,Mashed Potato Pancakes. As they enjoyed their meal there was live music entertainment with an Irish Fiddler.

Our residents also received green carnations from the staff as they awoke in the morning to the lively music. It is always so much fun to see how they decorate their cabinet countertops outside their doors. The Irish decorations were very festive!

Thank you to all the staff and residents who came out to participate in the celebration of Saint Paddy’s Day. We wish you all the best from our family to yours on this Saint Patricks Day!

Luck of the Irish Party

Chefs make special breakfast on Saint Patricks Day for residents

full house for breakfast on Saint Patricks Day

Staff gets into celebration

Residents greeted to BagPipes early morning on Saint Patricks Day


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