Prestwick Chase over the last three days had the property road ways, resident parking spaces, handicap spaces and cottage drive ways all sealed. The process went pretty fast and the roads look fantastic. Parking is easier for the residents with the brand new bright striping of the spaces for their cars. Here at Prestwick Chase we always seek the very best for our community, in all aspects, even down to the details of the roadways.
Summer is here and we look forward to all the family and friends who will be coming to the property to visit their loved ones. Thank you to all the staff and the sealing workers who did such a nice job on our road ways. For those interested in a tour of the property, please contact Kellie Postlethwaite Dir. of Sales or John Rowe Dir. of Marketing at 518-584-7766. Come and see why we are known as the cruise ship on land for Independent Living Adults 55 and over. We do accept pets. Set up your tour today, for the best season of your life, make it Prestwick Chase!!
Guard House
garden boxes
seal workers
parking lot
parking lot stripes
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