Senior Living in the Country Minutes From Broadway, Saratoga Springs

Country living this week means baby animals and birds!

Prestwick Chase at Saratoga is located on 120 gorgeous acres just minutes from downtown Saratoga Springs.

Our beautiful campus features ponds, fields and woods as well as the wildlife that goes with rural living.

Today, we are celebrating the births of twin fawns in the high grass visible from our beautiful piazza that features two stories of windows. Earlier in the week, another doe had a single fawn.

For several days our residents have enjoyed watching a mother duck leading 12, yes I said 12, ducklings. They have waddled from the pond into the fields and back again. There is much debate whether these ducklings all belong to Daisy (Duck) or if she has adopted some for an unknown reason.

As spring rolls into summer, we know we will be seeing many magnificent creatures, young and old. I am personally waiting for the return of a heron that has taken up summer residence to watch the fish in C Wing Pond the past two years.

Whatever the time of year, at Prestwick Chase, we believe you could find it to be,

The Best Season Of Your Life!

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