Summer Smores

Residents enjoyed an evening out on the patio making Summer Smores Treats.  The evening temperatures made for a perfect time outside.  With the fire pit started, people gathered and listened to live music while enjoying treats and conversations on the days events.  Is a very relaxing time to sit back, sip on a glass of wine and enjoy watching the fire dance.  This event is a summer past time that all can relate to and always is so much fun at Prestwick Chase.  This event on the weekends is a great time with the grandchildren as well when they come to visit.  We look forward to the fall season and more patio fire pit outings.  It will be apple picking season soon and we can imagine some hot apple cider and fresh baked apple cider doughnuts as well to enjoy by the fire.

Residents gathered around fire pits for smores night
Residents gathered around fire pits for smores night

residents around fire pit in fall.

resident eating homemade smores

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