Residents following the 6 feet rule, came down to enjoy laughs and fun by playing bocce ball and corn hole games in our large open space of Congress Hall. This fun activity gives everyone a break from watching endless bad news on the T.V. and a chance to simply enjoy some light physical fitness, game play and a bundle of laughs. And yes you can hear those wonderful laughs through all the masks. We know that people are concerned over this current virus situation. We also know it is important for people to have some sense of freedom to just be able to relax for a bit, even if just is a couple hours of some fun floor tossing games. Staff members on their day off came in to help make the game day possible. Here at Prestwick Chase it is all about family. Physical steps like temperature readings, installation of hand sanitizing stations all over the property, masks, ultra violet lighting to help sanitize all inbound mail, packages and grocery deliveries are just a few steps to aid in keeping the community healthy. It is equally important that mental health wise, people are able to let stress or worries pause for a bit and be able to walk the grounds outside or enjoy a game day in hall here at Prestwick. Thank you to the staff and residents who came out to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon. To all the readers or family members who visit our page, know that we are doing everything we can to keep Mom and Dad safe, healthy and not losing something very important, the JOY of daily life, even if that routine has been altered for us all for a bit. We love our Prestwick Chase family and in soon this situation will pass. Have a blessed day!

game day inside congress hall with residents.

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