THANK YOU!!  Prestwick Chase Staff handed out carnations on Veterans Day to honor all our residents who served.  Freedom is never free and these individuals volunteered a time in their life to answer the call of a nation.  Thank you is such a small phrase and yet most veterans would tell you, it’s not the medals, it’s  not the parades, its the hand shake and the simply phrase Thank You that means so much.  We are blessed to have so many who served in the nations armed service here at Prestwick Chase.  These special men and women, as well as their families who sacrificed time away from their loved ones, all deserve our enduring gratitude.  It is important we remember them, we thank them, because truly they are the treasure of this nation.  The land of the free, The United States of America.

Veterans of Prestwick

Veterans of Prestwick appreciated.

Veterans of Prestwick Chase.


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