The HoneyBees of Prestwick

The honeybees of Prestwick Chase are flourishing.  The Management Staff went out to harvest honey from the hives and check on their bee population.  This wonderful activity draws much attention from the residents.  One of the hives being checked sits near a hallway where residents can gather and watch from only feet away.  It is a great educational program for everyone involved.  The honey sampled was fantastic.  As you can see in the photos below the top level tray was covered with this sweet delight.  The bees on average fly as far as up to two miles away on their hunt for food.  This means that some of the bees you see in downtown Saratoga Springs on the flowers, literally could be from one of our three hives.  As we approach the fall season honey will be harvested again before our small friends prepare for their long winter huddle.  Stay Tuned!!

hive being cared for

harvesting honey combs

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