Veterans Day

Prestwick Chase Staff on Veterans Day honored its Veteran resident population by greeting them early in the morning with carnations and cards written by local school children.  The Veterans of Prestwick were moved by the children’s cards expressing thanks for their freedom.  As always they Veterans were very humbled and said on more then one occasion that they were simply doing their required duty and that the real hero’s are the soldiers that did not come home.  The staff was very moved and the hugs and tears flowed on many occasions.  Each resident’s story about their service experiences in combat and non combat was fascinating to hear in such vivid details.  The stories only reinforced the concept that Freedom is not free and the price for freedom can be very high.  We thank our Veterans for their service to a grateful nation.

handing out flowers to our veterans

107 year old veteran, amazing woman.

resident gets flower and thank you for military service.

resident with photo of herself in service to a nation.

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