Wallie’s of Greenwich originally opened in 1929 as a sandwich counter, right after the start of the Great Depression.
In 1945, Wallie’s daughter Dorothy Murphy and her husband George, expanded the business and brand to bring diners from afar. Wallie’s granddaughter and son in law, Ginny & George Denaker, continued the excellence for many years, until retiring in 2005.
Born anew, we are pleased to bring back our new version of Wallie’s to the heart of Greenwich, for friends and neighbors to gather once again. (information description above fro Wallies website)
Residents headed out for this wonderful dining experience in Greenwich. What made the trip extra special is that Catherine Bungard, a resident of Prestwick Chase is one of the original staff members of this restaurant! For Catherine is was a treat to see the changes that have been made since she first worked there many years ago. Her photo is below, standing in front of the window in the dark navy/white jacket. She is an original Wallie!! The food was great and everyone enjoyed themselves.
wallies restaurant
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